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Our corporate expansion and success benefits employees by increasing job security and creating new opportunities for career growth. We strive towards continuous development and improvement and to achieve this we need to attract, develop and retain skilled and committed employees. If you are ambitious and have the right skills, there are great opportunities for a career at Maxbank.

We run a range of training programs focusing on sales and business development. If you wish to apply unsolicited, please send an application electronically using the following address:

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    I am one of the fortunate few who have worked with Maxbank for the past four years. This organization continuously nurture me as a responsible and competent person. A bank that has such a distinguished reputation for its service, its culture and the way it respects its employees and the communities. I seize this opportunity to extend my gratitude to our team and the whole organization for helping me out achieve my personal and career growth.
    Christine Anne S. Alea, Acquiring Operations Specialist, Maxbank
    I have been working for MAXBANK for more than 4 years and I am really enjoying my time with the company. It offers a great opportunity to learn a lot and develop essential life skills. It’s a place for improvement and a room to grow and develop to become a better person. Working with MAXBANK has been one of the best experiences of my life after I graduated my college, it has taught me about the person I am and has given me lot of new skills, ideas, and a right direction for my career. It has increased my confidence in an easy going relaxed but yet professional environment, while been given all the training and skills needed for the job.
    Norman Gozar Claveria, MOS-Admin Staff, Maxbank
    I am immensely happy to be part of Maxbank family. Working with Maxbank for the past 4 years allows me to accept the biggest changes in my career. It is quite challenging for me being one of the youngest officer in this company. I am very happy for they are willing to embrace the idea of letting the young generation step forward to lead. Confidence I gained and strong leadership I bring makes me a good example to everyone. I can say that “I am in a good company”.
    Kristine A. Peña, MBO Manager, Maxbank
    In my four years of working in Maxbank it brings me joy and fulfillment with regards to my work and my fellow. As an Independent Loan Reviewer, others may say that my position is quite boring but for me it depends on how you carry.
    Rechelle C. Valenton, Independent Loan Reviewer