MAXBANK Online Banking

Do banking and access your account anytime of the day, anywhere you are through MAXBANK Online Banking.


  • ATM Account Balance Inquiry
  • View Transaction Log
  • Checkbook Reorder

New Security Features:

  • User and ATM Debit Card Registration
  • User Account (Username and Password)
  • One-Time PIN(OTP) via text message or email

How do I enroll in MAXBANK Online Banking?

  1. Go to
  2. Click "LOGIN"
  3. Fill-out the User Registration form, and ATM Card Registration form.(For detailed steps on how to register,click here)
  4. A MAXBANK Customer Service representative will call you for verification process.
  5. Once activated, a text mesage will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  6. Securely enter your ATM PIN by clicking the onscreen keypad.
A simple and convenient way to save for a dream holiday, for your child’s education or the unforeseen future

Product Features:

    • Interest Rate Per Annum: 2%
    • Minimum Initial Deposit: Php 500.00
    • Average daily balance (ADB) to earn interest: Php 1,000.00
    • Interest Crediting: Quarterly
    • Well-monitored banking transaction via passbook
    • Member: PDIC. Maximum Deposit insurance for Each Depositor Php 500,000.

*** Rates are subject to change without prior notice


  • No minimum amount to open a savings account
  • No minimum maintenance balance
  • 24/7 access to your money via ML

Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Minimum age requirement is 18 years old
  • Presentation of at least two (2) acceptable identification cards and recent photograph (2 pcs of 1 x 1 pictures)
  • Primary Identification Cards: Philippine Postal ID card, SSS/GSIS ID Cards, Voter’s ID (issued by Comelec)
  • Senior Citizen’s ID
  • Alien Certificate of Registration
  • BIR Individual Taxpayer’s ID (TIN)
  • Passport
  • *Maintaining balance is Php 500.00
  • *≥Php 1,000.00 to gain interest (2% per annum)

How to apply:

  • Visit a MaxBank branch or write to us here
It is a breeze to pay bills, send cash to family and transfer money to friend with MaxAccount. Designed to serve you, the MaxAccount Card can be used at ATMs nationwide and the MaxAccount ChequeBook gives you flexibility to pay your bills and loans easily and without fuss.

Product Features:

  • No annual fees
  • No minimums amount
  • No hidden fees
  • Access to withdraw cash from all eligible ATMs
  • Cheque book facility available
  • Free monthly account statement
  • No cash deposit or cheque handling charges
  • No limit on cash withdrawal on amount and number of time accessed

MaxAccount is ideal for your day-to-day banking needs.  It offers you the benefit of a free monthly statement, no minimum balance and absolutely no hidden charges

MAXCard VISA Debit Card – “you’re anytime anywhere card”

In today’s parlance, the use of electronic cards is becoming so widespread due to the ease of use and the security it offers.

MAXCard VISA Debit card is part of the Bank’s Loan product offering where loan releases is thru MAXCard.

MAXCard VISA Debit card is part of salary account relationship (Payroll Card) with management and fund transfer features to multiple account.

MAXCard VISA Debit card is open to any individuals who would want to open an account with the bank and have access to ATM and POS globally.

MAXCard VISA Debit for all

MAXcard a VISA Debit card linked to a Bank account and automatically issued when an individual or corporate client opens savings and checking account with the bank.
MAXcard allows easy and convenience electronic access to clients accounts across all channels currently ATM, POS anytime anywhere
MAXCard VISA Debit for all
  • Can be personalized or non-personalized card
  • Provides easy and convenient access, and management of account through different channels (ATM, POS, Internet, Mobile)
  • Secured with PIN-authentication and an EMV Chip
  • Cashless shopping
  • Payment / purchase at affiliated merchant’s website
  • Bill payment and airtime load fulfillment feature
  • On-line availability 24 x 7
  • Immediate, convenient and safer than cash

MAXCard VISA Debit Payroll Card

Easy to issue, easy to use
You can easily issue MaxPayroll Cards to anyone in your organization. Once employees’ salaries are loaded onto their personal cards, they gain immediate access to their funds. Simply by taking their MaxCard VISA Debit Payroll Card to any one of thousands Bancnet ATMs, employees can withdraw the amount of cash they want, up to the full amount of their salaries if they choose—protecting them from the risks involved in carrying large amounts of cash. They can also use their MaxCard VISA Debit Payroll Cards to make purchases at thousands of stores, restaurants, and other businesses nationwide and globally that accept Bancnet and VISA debit cards.

Increase cost-efficiency and productivity
By replacing the paper-based distribution of payroll funds with a card-based system, the MaxCard Payroll Card helps you streamline costly and time consuming payroll administration. This efficient process complements the traditional services of your payroll processor, allowing your company to:
  • Reduce reconciliation costs against your payroll disbursement account.
  • Eliminate the costs associated with the production of paper checks and the replacement of lost or stolen checks.
  • Eliminate the costs of special disbursements, such as final payout.
  • Cashless shopping
  • Increase employee productivity by eliminating time-consuming, off-site trips to cash paychecks.
  • Simplify payroll distribution for unbanked, contract, temporary, and remotely located employees.
  • Increase satisfaction, build loyalty, and encourage retention by paying employees quickly and efficiently, every payday
Enhance employee security, convenience, and control
Safer than cash and more convenient, the MaxCard VISA Debit Payroll Card also gives employees greater control over their finances. Not only can they obtain up-to-the-minute balance information, 24 / 7/ 365, but bank-issued statements help employees track spending and improve the management of their personal finances. Easily and efficiently, the MaxPayroll Card also delivers additional safety and convenience to every employee:
  • Access to funds on payday, even if an employee is not at the workplace.
  • Lost or stolen payroll cards replaced with the full remaining value.
  • Secure, PIN-based and EMV chip card solution
MAXCard VISA Debit Payroll Card
  • Significantly reduce payroll costs and streamline payroll processes
  • Deliver pay on time no matter what
  • Minimize fraud losses, theft, stop payment costs and out-of-cycle checks
  • Eliminate escheatment process for paper paychecks
  • Simplify payment to temporary, part-time and seasonal employees
  • Contribute to corporate sustainability initiatives
  • Improve employee satisfaction and productivity by eliminating their need to cash checks offsite
MAXCard VISA Debit for all
  • Access your fund at any ATMs nationwide and globally thru VISA network
  • Pay for purchase at major establishments here and abroad via POS
  • Pay bills even without enrollment
  • Hassle free online shopping globally
MAXCard VISA Debit Payroll Card
  • Get paid faster and more reliably by having pay loaded directly onto a Maxcard VISA Debt Payroll card
  • Enjoy your payroll card right away as everyone qualifies
  • Eliminate check cashing fees and hassles
  • Avoid the risk of carrying large amounts of cash
  • Access your funds at any ATM nationwide
  • Access your funds at any ATM with VISA logo globally
  • Shop at over 75,000 merchants nationwide
  • Shop at over 30 Million Visa merchants worldwide
Fixed amount of money for a fixed period of time and enjoy attractive returns

Product Features:

    • Automatic rollover at maturity unless otherwise specified (TBC)
    • Minimum Placement: Php 50,000.00
    • Minimum Term: 1 month
    • Interest Rate: Pre-determined based on the amount and term of placement
    • Interest Crediting: upon maturity
    • Term of Deposit / Placement: 1 month to 36 months
    • Transaction Records: Certificate of Time Deposit
    • Member: PDIC. Maximum Deposit insurance for Each Depositor Php 500, 000.

***Rates are subject to change without prior notice


  • Flexibility: choice of tenures terms
  • No maintenance fee: no set-up fee, no service fee, no management fee
  • Assurance: guaranteed fixed rate of return upon completion of term
  • In-charge: you decide to automatically re-invest or withdraw part or all of your investment at maturity
  • Security: you know exactly when and what is your return

Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Minimum age requirement is 18 years old

How to apply:

  • Visit a MaxBank branch or write to us here